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WELCOME TO MULE DAYS                             BENSON, NC

      SEPTEMBER 19 - 22, 2019


If you bring or plan to bring ANY equine (horses. mules. donkeys. etc.), each animal MUST have with it a current COGGINS TEST REPORT. The N. C. Department of Agriculture is very serious and non-negotiable on this issue. Its Veterinarians in all years past have checked our grounds 2 to 3 times daily and sometimes more during the week of Mule Days. One usually makes a visit to this office the week before to inform, warn, and post notices regarding this issue. Your animal will not be allowed to unload and will be required to leave the premises without its COGGINS. I am required to call law enforcement, if necessary, to accomplish removal of the animal(s).

UPON ARRIVAL, please submit your COGGINS REPORT for each animal to our office for us to make a copy. You may read a copy of the statutes regarding this law on our website. The fines and penalties for violations are hefty.

Thank you, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us and Mule Days.



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